Sunday – Time to try out a local church

On the way I saw the guys. Don’t want to mess with them.

Attended Gardiner Community Church. Received a very warm welcome by all. Saw a number of people from work. Good open Sunday School discussion from John about Jesus knowing us (good and bad). Children’s church had a good example about if we put our hand in the cookie jar and grab all the cookies we can’t get our hand out. The same with sin. To get forgiveness we have to let go of our sin and not hold on to it. Pastor Jeff talked about “Just as I Am”. Asked us to think about who we were in the prodigal son story. Was a good message. Met others that work for Xanterra, National Park Service and National Forestry Service. Happens to be the yearly church business meeting and luncheon. Learned more about the church programs, and ate some really good food. They sent me home with a bag of pulled chicken.

First Saturday

I had to learn to cook since no Chick-fil-A trip with Janet this Saturday. So I made mini-waffles with the super cool waffle maker Janet gave me for Christmas.

Since I don’t get trash pickup at home I have to drop it off. I was told last night that you need to make sure you only do trash drop off during the day due to bears.  So I am off to the trash dump.

Followed that up will a little walk in the park.

Went down to the river.

Have to watch your step.

Think I need to learn more about tracks (wolf, coyote, or bear).

Go to start back to the car. Think I am a little lost. Was it that hill I came over? Think I see my elk friends looking at me in disgust again due to my lack of skills.

No I think it was that hill?

Wow, what a view as I walk around lost.

Ah, car lights. I am saved. I see my car from the lights of the cars going by. I was just a little off.

Got home and the night sky is so clear I can see the Milky Way. The stars are so bright. The stars at night are big and bright, deep in the heart of Texas. Wait I am in Montana. I wish Janet could see them. A picture just doesn’t show the grandeur.  I miss Janet.

Time to make Montana official

Today I am going to get a Post Office box so I can have an official address in Montana.

To get there I need to scrape the ice off the car window first. Not the best job. God is good, no door issues or check engine light on the car.

My neighbors are not impressed with my winter living skills.

Just another day in the office….

Where an ice skating rink and campfire is made at the end of the work day….

Some co-workers invited me out to dinner after work. It was really nice. I enjoyed the evening. Back home and now really missing Friday night date night with Janet.

What will the car door do today?

Car door opens just fine. I got in and it closed just fine. Success, no door issues! When I got to work I have the same issue as the night before. I can’t open the door. This time I even roll down the window and try to open the door from the outside. No go, off to the passenger side to get out. Hope no one I work with sees me doing this …..

All is well once I am inside my office.

Sprint sent me a love note telling me that I am about to run out of roaming data minutes. I call them and explain I am in Montana and will be here for some time. After thirty minutes the answer is once I hit my roaming limit on an “unlimited data” plan they will just turn my data off until the first of the next month.

Go out to the car. Holding breath….door works fine. I need to get the snow off the windows. Front and back wipers do just fine. Rolling all the windows down some I find that the driver window is not working. Then as I start the car the “engine needs service soon” light comes on. Come on get me home…..Thank the Lord I get home just fine.

May have found a different job than what I came for – SnowDilly

Now this may look like a perfect winter post card picture, but not as much fun when your car door will not close.

  • Plan one is to hold the door by the inside handle and drive…….didn’t work because the inside lights kept coming on plus a bump would cause the door to open some letting cold wind and snow in the car.
  • Plan two is to pull the door closed as much as possible with one hand and press the door lock with the other. This worked, but the door is not close and is rattling something bad.  I think the door could just swing open as I am going down the hill. I stop and pull as hard as I can with both hands the the door closes. Success!!!

Once I am home I am in for another surprise. I can’t open the door! I have to crawl over to the passenger side to get out.

A Very Sad Day

Taking Janet to the airport and saying goodbye was so sad. When she waved to me from the other side of TSA and walked around the corner it felt like everything inside of me just melted into nothingness.

2,000 Miles Later

We are rolling in from Livingston on the way to Gardiner.  Man, this road has some bad traffic.

My new home.

Janet makes it all cozy inside.

My new driveway and view.

Oh, and my new neighbors.