Welcome Race Fans!

This was so cool. The long range stealth bomber did a fly over.

In the stands getting ready for racing…

And the race is on!

After I finish at the race a job is waiting on me at the airport. I just need to pick up some lighted cones on my way there.

Some lovely Indiana ladies at the race this year. One of them owns my heart.

Just a few folks at the race. Now for the long walk to the car.

OK if you made it this far, one sappy line. I can’t put into words how great it was to see Janet. I thought my heart would burst when I saw her at the airport.

Indy bound

Leaving very early to go see Janet!

I can’t wait.

Come Monday I will be holding you tight!

Will never be the same eating out again

Went to the National Restaurant Convention. Learning about food prep and presentation, menus and parings. I will look at things differently now. My main focus was food kiosks. Spoke with 35 vendors to find 4 that could work.

Chicago was nice. It rained a lot so I didn’t get to see much of the city.

Can I interest you in a new set of china?

Excuse me sir

Had to negotiate getting in the car to leave today.

One of these things are not like the others.

Off to Chicago in the AM for 4 days. Going to a restaurant convention to look at food ordering kiosks.

Back among the living

Went to church. It was good. Had stuff for Mother’s day. It was funny, the pastor said I now return you to your normally scheduled church service as he started his non-Mother’s day message.

I called Mom to wish her a Happy Mother’s Day.

Was able to eat some solid food.

Peanut is up to something….