Ruining Christmas

Well this is where the fun stopped for me. On Christmas Eve night I became violently ill. I will spare you the details. It involved a trip to the emergency room and days of recovery.

I would like to say that the gift of family and the true Christmas spirit was displayed by Jim. He was very helpful and kind in getting me to the emergency room and getting me back to Mike’s house. He had to make multiple trips to the hospital to get everything sorted out all late at night and on Christmas Eve. Jim was my Christmas angel.

Janet was a real trooper help to take care of my while all the Christmas plans were destroyed. We didn’t get to go to David and Katie’s house, which was a disappointment to me and to all. I feel bad that I cause the Christmas plans to not happen.

It took a few days for me to be able to ride in the car to make the trip back to Atlanta. My sickness also killed me getting to see my family again for friends in Atlanta.

Through all of this Janet was by my side and taking care of me. That is real love.

Christmas with family

I flew out of Bozeman with Atlanta being the destination. Of course I was sick with sinus and other issues. I had to rest in Atlanta a little more than I planned before heading out to see mom and dad. It was great to see them and spend some time with them. It had been a long time since I saw them. I was also really happy to spend some time with my bib brother Edmon. It wasn’t long enough but it was great catching up with him.

Then it was back to Atlanta and then on the road to Indiana so wee Janet’s family.

Saw this in Bloomington while walking with Janet’s brother Mike. Was funny and creepy all at the same time.

Jim’s girls came over to Mike’s (Janet’s dad) place for Christmas eve dinner. It was a lovely time.

Jim’s gift of the hats was a HUGH hit.

Preparing for Christmas at the crib

Early Christmas gift for the boys. At least they share.

Had someone checking out what was going on. Do you think he is one of Santa’s spies?

We opted for a live tree this Christmas. Janet did the work and it looks cute. It is to the left of the crib so I see it everyday when I am driving in from work. The tree with the lights she put up on the crib really make the place look festive.

Christmas walk and talent show

We went to a Christmas walk and talent show in Gardiner. One person made a reference that it was like being in a Hallmark Christmas special. The entire town was out. It was cold but everyone was walking around checking out the shops and crafts in the community center. The even had a ski repair at the community center. We went to the talent show last. It was amazing how much talent people had.

This one was really funny.

White Christmas

We went to see White Christmas in Bozeman. We thought we would have a nice dinner in downtown Bozeman and then go enjoy the musical. Well turns out they closed downtown for traffic and had a Christmas festival. I think everyone from all over Montana was there. It took for every to find a parking spot. Once we had a spot we couldn’t find anywhere to eat. So we had to go with the musical and then a really late dinner.

The theater was really old and cool looking.

First we have the girls signing sisters.

Then the guys.

The the big finish. Note the full orchestra.

They really did a great job. I loved it!