Return to Jackson Hole

The majesty of the Grand Tetons.

If you pull one out will the all fall down?

Janet speaking with a local about a good place to have lunch.

Paddle faster boys I hear banjo music!!

This is where we watched the sun set when we were here for the first time many years ago.

This time we watched the sun set over Yellowstone Lake at Grant Village.

Hiking in Canyon Falls

A long but fun hike with the best hiking partner in the world. When I could keep up we had a lot of good discussions about God, living arrangements and the beauty around us.

Wow, what a view!

I can see for miles and miles…

A fellow hiker took our picture so we have one that is not a selfie. BTW could I look more frumpy?

Sometimes it just looks like a fake backdrop. You are thinking how can I really be looking at this.

Normally Janet doesn’t like getting close to the edge, but this time she made an exception to take it all in.

Bonus! We found a Bigfoot track.

And who knew that Bigfoot was an amateur sculpture.

Saw a mud pot.

This reminds me to Neapolitan ice cream.

Road trip!

We went to Bozeman for a shopping extravaganza. We then went to Montana Wheat where I bought 20 pounds of cinnamon rolls. From there it was off to Big Sky.

This is very clever advertising.

Big Sky Montana, home of the world’s largest hamsters.

Neat little spot.

I love this picture of us. Janet’ smile just makes my heart melt.

You don’t really see it from the pictures, but ash was falling from the sky due to the forest fires which are the specs you see on the car.