Yellowstone Grand Prismatic Spring

Went to see the Grand Prismatic Spring and hike Fairy Falls.

The National Park Service continues to try and get us lost.

Was easy to get to the Grand Prismatic, but we missed the postage stamp size trail head for Fairy Falls and walked 5 miles to the other parking lot for Grand Prismatic. Then we hiked through various trails to get to the one we wanted. What should have been less than 3 miles turned into 11 miles.

This faded map was posted as a helpful guide.

We did find a cool thermal feature. It was so amazingly blue.

Signs and rails all over the place at Prismatic, but this one you could jump into if you wanted to do so.

Success, we found the falls!

Bunsen Peak hike

Hiking to the top of Bunsen Peak trying to beat the storm.

Yes, almost July and still have snow on the ground.

Storm’s a coming?

TA DA…We made it.

Found the spot where the aliens land.

My artistic shot.

Great view at the top.

The walk back out.

Rodeo Up!

I think most of the town turned out for the rodeo.

Kids chasing a calf with money stuck to it. This was funny to watch.

A little bull riding action.

Here we are picking out which ones we were going to ride….

Janet deciding that if she was going to ride one it was going to be a real one, not the small ones from above.

The junior rodeo clown was funny. This is him as a chicken hatching a large egg.