ACMNP Sunday

The ACMNP group did a worship service singing all the songs that had been used during the summer. The used James 4:8 Draw near to God and He will draw near to you.

After the morning service I took them to lunch in West Yellowstone. We ate at the slippery. They all thanked me for helping them this summer. It was touching touching as a couple of them said one of their favorite things during the summer was the hike they took with me.

Picture from hike:

They bought me ice cream after lunch and we walked around the town some. It was a small glimpse of what it would be like to have kids as in a small way they were my kids this summer. In true family outing style most of them slept during the car ride back to Canyon.

I went to the evening service too. This was Logan’s last service. I said good bye and we all prayed over him.

Next Sunday will be the last Sunday for ACMNP this season. It makes me sad as I have enjoyed the services and getting to know Logan, Stahr, Katrina and Caleb.

Shakespeare in Arch Park

Went to the morning service with ACMNP. Logan had food poisoning so he was resting. I prayed and felt for him as I know my experience how bad that can be. We did a circle service as it was two other Xanterra employees. Talked about life issues and how God stands in the gap with up. How we can love others that do us harm by the help of God’s love.

The ACMNP team gave me this.

Didn’t stay for the evening service as Shakespeare in the park in Gardiner was doing Henry IV part 1.

Janet headed back to the ATL

Sad times.

Here’s hoping…

This will give you a view into my mindset.

Did some shopping. Purchased some fuel injector cleaner and some power steering fluid at Walmart. Since I had half a tank I went ahead and put the fuel injector cleaner in planning to fill up at Livingston. I had a hard time getting it in the fuel tank and was thinking this was a very badly designed bottle. When I was almost done I realized that I had put almost all of the power steering fluid into the gas tank. I freaked out and jumped into the car. I was thinking I needed to get at least to Livingston as fast as I could. Along the way I was praying that the engine wouldn’t lock up. I made it to Livingston and filled up the tank thinking that would help dilute the fluid. I was able to Google it and found that it is more common than you would think. Diluting with more gas was the most common response. Thank the Lord I didn’t kill my engine!

Seeing the towns around Glacier

Found a lake. Got some fresh cherries and shopped for Native American items.

Can you guess the name of this town? Wait for it….. Big Fork.

Needs to have Bigfoot standing beside it.

The view for dinner.

The view from our room.

Crazy looking tree.

The flowers were amazing everywhere we went.

Janet thinking she could do a little better with these flowers.

Our fancy room for the night.

Maybe our next home..


Hike to Iceberg Lake

On the trail.

We got to see Mr. And Mrs. Moose.

We made it.

Check out the Dr. Sues trees.

The water was a little cool for July.

The adventure team claims another spot.

Someone told Janet this was bear grass.

Bonus waterfall.

And the mountain goat.

The mountain goat wanted to come home with Janet.

Glacier National Park

Going to the Sun road

The adventure team in action.

Hey look…. an actual glacier!

That’s us with the Glacier. Note when you read this you must slur the words like you had brackets to get the intended effect.

Our lunch spot.

On a hike.

We are such adventure hikers!

Got some hail on the way out. Stopped under a tree to minimize the bounce off our heads.

Check out the video of the hail.