Janet headed back to the ATL

Sad times.

Here’s hoping…

This will give you a view into my mindset.

Did some shopping. Purchased some fuel injector cleaner and some power steering fluid at Walmart. Since I had half a tank I went ahead and put the fuel injector cleaner in planning to fill up at Livingston. I had a hard time getting it in the fuel tank and was thinking this was a very badly designed bottle. When I was almost done I realized that I had put almost all of the power steering fluid into the gas tank. I freaked out and jumped into the car. I was thinking I needed to get at least to Livingston as fast as I could. Along the way I was praying that the engine wouldn’t lock up. I made it to Livingston and filled up the tank thinking that would help dilute the fluid. I was able to Google it and found that it is more common than you would think. Diluting with more gas was the most common response. Thank the Lord I didn’t kill my engine!

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