Cascade Lake Trail to Observation Peak

This one was 10 miles and went from nothing to maybe I could die up here.

NPS is uping their game on the bear warnings.

It started out a a nice sunny day walk.

Passing by a nice lake.

Then for the turn uphill.

Notice the lake position.

And the storm clouds. The ones that dropped pieces of ice and rain on me. Also had some thunder and lightning which was nice as I was the tallest things at times on the mountain.

Hey, where did the trail go? I lost the trail multiple times and had to go through high brush and downed trees to find it again. Oh, and that also included a few falls.

And for all my effort I was rewarded with knee deep snow to get to the top.

It’s the middle of June, right?

Found the top and …..wait for it….. it was locked!!!! No getting out of the storm.

Hey there is that lake again.

Me with the lake. This is where I had a very late lunch.

After the rain the flowers really opened up.

On the way home I saw some fuzzy antler guys.


Hey wait for me…

Then a baby to end the day.

Sunday with ACMNP

Star gave the message today. She talked about sharing Christ with others. Her example was someone saying they like Jesus and all, but they don’t like all the rules and things. Her scripture was Romans 8.

Romans 8: Therefore there is now no condemnation [no guilty verdict, no punishment] for those who are in Christ Jesus [who believe in Him as personal Lord and Savior]. For the law of the Spirit of life [which is] in Christ Jesus [the law of our new being] has set you free from the law of sin and of death.

She described God as being a good parent. Like are earthly parents who set boundaries for us with TV time and knowing where we were. This was because they loved us and wanted the best for us. God is the same way. True love is not just letting someone do whatever they want to do. Many times if left to just ourselves we will do the wrong thing. Love is helping someone be safe and a be a better human being.

She covered that Jesus took the blame for us because we could never live a perfect life. Jesus doesn’t bind us, He sets us free. He defeated death so we could live.

So you can now answer the question about all those Christian rules and such.

Welcome Rodeo Fans

So much fun watching the little kids run around chasing a calf with money stuck to it.

Enjoyed a beautiful sunset for the walk home.

Watched the parade from my upstairs window.

Every parade needs a dinosaur.

And firetrucks.

Back for more rodeo action.

This night it was older kids chasing the calf.

Vice President of the United States

The Vice President of the United States Mike Pence is speaking at Old Faithful today.

Had to leave early on the way down the view reminds me that I am in a volcano.

Notice the two people on the roof of the Inn. I helped setup their communications.

Got to have good lighting and a helicopter flying around to make sure all is well before he comes in.

I was cleared by Secret Service to be in the group of people who would listening to his speech.

The Second Lady, Vice President, Sectary of the Interior and the Superintendent of Yellowstone.

Old Faithful went off during his speech. Timing is everything.

Can you find me in the pictures?

It was nice that in his speech he recognized people that he just met and ones with long histories with the park. It was also nice that he made a couple of religious references.

On the way home I saw this crazy looking fox.

Working in the park

These little guys created a multiple hour backup.

On the way home I saw the mother grizzly with her two cubs again. People were way to close. Luckily they stayed in their cars. A Harley came by and shared the cubs. That got mom’s attention. Thought for a minute I was going to see something that I would wish I hadn’t. Everyone gave her room and it worked out in the end.

Sunday with ACMNP

Snow was deeper in the Canyon area.

This was the path to the amphitheater where the service was going to be.

The service was about everyone being welcomed in God’s Kingdom. Caleb gave three examples that made this message new to me. I have heard that all are welcome my entire life. Caleb’s first example was Simon the magician. Simon was clearing doing things that the message from God says not to do yet Simon was welcomed into the Kingdom. The second example was an Ethiopian eunuch. These people were not accepted by others and many times they were shunned. Yet in this example he was welcomed. Lastly he talked about Paul’s conversion. Paul was attacking the Church and killing Christians and even he was welcomed. If you are doing things against God’s will, are an outcast or even attacking Christians God still welcomes you. We have to learn this lesson and see people like God sees them and welcome them with God’s Love.

After the service I had to go do some work. Saw a large black bear on the way to Grant.

On the way home saw two grizzlies. They were chasing each other some.

And an elk welcomed me home.


Snow, Snow, Snow – In June?

Well this broke the date from last year. In 2018 the last day I saw it snow was June 1st. Well it snowed today (June 8th). Will be 25 tonight and maybe more snow. Many roads were closed in the park due to multiple inches in the higher elevations.

This is from the house in Gardiner.

We had the little round snow balls that make you think you are living inside a snow globe.

This is from the Old Faithful webcam.

Second try at Seven Mile Hole trail

Well last time I had to turn back due to a lot of snow. So I am going again.

This is a view of the approach trail. 

Official start of the trail, looks like some work is needed.

Well no snow here so that is a good sign.

Trail still had some snow but not too bad. In a few sections the snow was still about knee deep.

Saw this cool geyser.


It only had a few small holes so it made a hissing sound.

The terrain kept changing.

The views were great.

Made it to the bottom. Only fell twice…

This was my lunch spot. Sitting on a rock a little into the river.

Well time for going back.

These pictures don’t explain the constant up hill. I thought I was going to die.

Call Bobo because I found Bigfoot!

Views back at the top. The pictures just can’t show how beautiful it was to see in person.

Now that you have made it this far I will give you the painful details.

Total distance : 12.08 mi

Total walking time : 06:27:59

Official elevation change on the trail, not counting the approach trail:  2,043 feet

Total elevation changes on the hike: 3386 ft

Samsung Health thought I walked up 67 flights of stairs.

Heart rate hit 150 bpm

I think this one earned the hard rating. At times I felt that it was closer to mountain climbing than it was to hiking.