Snake River Canyon

I had no idea it was this big. Really cool to see.

It’s legal to jump from the bridge day or night. We saw some base jumpers packing their chutes. Maybe an idea for later.

The best travel partner EVER!

Claim to fame for this area is more water goes over per minute than Niagara Falls.

Can you see the rainbow?

And a visit to Snake River Canyon is not complete without Evel Knievel.

You can see the dirt ramp in the distance.

Big Bear Stampede

Participated in the Big Bear Stampede. I did the 5k. It was hard as I have only been doing hiking this year with no jogging. Just to add the the “way it is done in Montana” the start and end of the race were both up hill.

Jogged by a deer leg. All that was left from the bear eating it. Always interesting in Montana.

Beat part was getting to see Smokey the Bear! Takes be back. I had a comic book at a kid that was the “real” story of Smokey the Bear. I was and am a big fan.