A resting day

It was good to be back in church. I had missed one men’s prayer breakfast due to work and then another and last Sunday due to a cold that killed my energy. Glad I made as they had sign up times for National Day of Prayer. They are doing 28 hours of prayer for the event with people signing up for 30 minute blocks. Also having a pray over Gardiner event Thursday night up the road to Jardine road so everyone will be above the city.

Now back at the house….

While Peanut thinks I am looking he is all ” I am there for you bro” to Leviticus.

When Peanut thinks I am not looking he moves to the right hook on Leviticus.

Then they played hide and seek. I don’t think Leviticus understands the game fully.

BTW is was a gorgeous day.

Met the legend Steve Fuller

Back out in the park doing work. I met the legend Steve Fuller. He is the winter keeper at Canyon and has been sinceĀ 1973.

You can read or watch more about Steve here:


Going out to Canyon

Felt like I was on the set of Mad Men.

Cool image behind the registration desk.

Hey look the snow is still here.

Some snow fell off the roof and the force of it pushed a locked door in and pushed snow into the room. Scary to think of the force of just a mini-avalanche.

Saw this fox on the ride home. Very cool looking.

But not at work

This was my view into work today.

It was a wet snow which is odd for here.

Had a big meeting with NPS. Went over a lot of things. Two items that stuck out for me was that every year someone who works in the park dies and that it cost $64,000 to airlift someone out of the park to the nearest hospital. Very sobering thoughts.

Extra work day in the park

The steps are somewhere under this layer of ice. Good thing we aren’t carrying heavy equipment….

Well this is where we need to get into for the Lake Lodge, so that isn’t going to happen today.


Headed home after four days. This is Lake Hotel.

Stopped to stretch my legs at this spot. A lot of ducks and a few swans.

Park work day three – grizzly bear

On the way over to Lake in an area still closed to the public we rounded a corner and a grizzly bear was in the road. it ran up the hill and into the woods before I could get a picture. He is behind the trees in this picture, but you can see his tracks going into the woods.

The snow drift looks like ocean waves.


Working in hotels with no power can be a little off putting at times.

I feel the urge to run across the frozen lake to the island in the middle.