Bridger Bowl Blowout 2019

Went Saturday and Sunday both!

Can you see the ichthys fish?

Check out Janet’s smooth finish.

Edited snowboard run.

Unedited snowboard run.

Well it was a long road to the mad skills you just viewed. Did you count how many times I was facing up the mountain instead of downhill? As my instructor called it that is “snowboarding the wrong direction”.

To give you a taste of the learning curve I present to you the agony of defeat.

One more time in slow motion.

In case you missed my fun facial expressions:

This next one is my favorite. You can see my face contorted. I was airborne at this time and bracing for the impact. It was a solid one as it turned off the recording when I hit.

I rubbed some snow on it and kept going.

Out for a snowshoe adventure

Went to the Upper Terrance Loop and Wraith Falls.

If Dillard tells the story: He had to jump over a river and then grab Janet and pull her to safety just narrowly missing a plunge into the ice waters for Janet.

If Janet tells the story: Dillard got us off the correct path so we had to cross a stream. Got a little off balance hopping/stepping over the stream so Dillard grab my arm to steady me.

You decide….

We are so winter people!