Off to Denver for a week.

Had a week in Denver meeting the corporate team. Off to a great start with a two hour delay before getting on the plan and then another hour delay before lift off.

Checked into the hotel. It had theme floors. I was on the game floor. Elevator lobby on my floor was decorated like PacMan. Room had some odd things, but was good.

Had a dinner get together the first night.

Been a while since I had a tie on.

All day meetings and dinner socials on Tuesday and Wednesday. Thursday in the corporate office meeting with people all day.

These were used as access to the build courtyard. Both sides were still outside.

Morning meetings on Friday and then flying back out.

Janet and I had a BIG night out in Bozeman at the all you can eat soup and salad bar. Tried to get my hair cut, but was either told no or it would be a 2+ hour wait. Will have to try again later.

Great being back with Janet and headed back to Gardiner. Being in the big city made me miss being in a big IT shop. Ready to get back to the other pluses of the job like the great beauty of Yellowstone.