Bridger Bowl – Skiing the Cold Smoke

Janet an I have been going to Bridger Bowl. Janet has been skiing and I have been continuing my snowboard lessons.

My little snow bunny.

First time on the big boy lift (green run) with a snowboard attached.

Crashed and burned getting off the lift. It took me about 5 times of falling before I could do it right. The lift operators came out and clapped for me the first time I didn’t fall getting off the lift.

Out to Canyon

Hoping to see an otter.

I made a snow angel.

This is where the otters we supposed to be, but we were denied. No otters in site.

We did get to see some swan fannies.


Editor note

Well that was one year of life in Montana. Sorry I got out of time sync with the postings. My plan going forward is to get up to date by only posting the high points. Once I am up to date I will only posts high points. I don’t plan on trying to document everything in 2019 like I did in 2018.

All the best to the one person in France that is still reading this blog.


Ruining Christmas

Well this is where the fun stopped for me. On Christmas Eve night I became violently ill. I will spare you the details. It involved a trip to the emergency room and days of recovery.

I would like to say that the gift of family and the true Christmas spirit was displayed by Jim. He was very helpful and kind in getting me to the emergency room and getting me back to Mike’s house. He had to make multiple trips to the hospital to get everything sorted out all late at night and on Christmas Eve. Jim was my Christmas angel.

Janet was a real trooper help to take care of my while all the Christmas plans were destroyed. We didn’t get to go to David and Katie’s house, which was a disappointment to me and to all. I feel bad that I cause the Christmas plans to not happen.

It took a few days for me to be able to ride in the car to make the trip back to Atlanta. My sickness also killed me getting to see my family again for friends in Atlanta.

Through all of this Janet was by my side and taking care of me. That is real love.