Electric Peak Round Two

This time I had a camp reserved so I could take all day getting there. I knew the snow was gone so I could rock climb. I got to where the trail ended, which is where I had to turn around before. I started rock climbing and made it to the false summit. I still couldn’t see how to get all the way, curses.

NPS rates the area where I was climbing as Class 3.

Class 3: Scrambling with increased exposure. Handholds are necessary. A rope should be available for learning climbers, or if you just choose to use one that day, but is usually not required. Falls could easily be fatal.

Well I tried Electric Peak a second time.

Sea Kayak on Lake Yellowstone

The drive down to Grant.
Well it did stop snowing before we got on the water. Yellowstone Lake remains cold year-round, with an average water temperature of 41°F (5°C). Because of the extremely cold water, swimming is not recommended. Survival time is estimated to be only 20 to 30 minutes in water at this temperature.