Electric Peak Round Two

This time I had a camp reserved so I could take all day getting there. I knew the snow was gone so I could rock climb. I got to where the trail ended, which is where I had to turn around before. I started rock climbing and made it to the false summit. I still couldn’t see how to get all the way, curses.

NPS rates the area where I was climbing as Class 3.

Class 3: Scrambling with increased exposure. Handholds are necessary. A rope should be available for learning climbers, or if you just choose to use one that day, but is usually not required. Falls could easily be fatal.

Well I tried Electric Peak a second time.

Sea Kayak on Lake Yellowstone

The drive down to Grant.
Well it did stop snowing before we got on the water. Yellowstone Lake remains cold year-round, with an average water temperature of 41°F (5°C). Because of the extremely cold water, swimming is not recommended. Survival time is estimated to be only 20 to 30 minutes in water at this temperature.


Off to the Christmas Bazaar in Big Timer.

Janet surveys the surroundings and mentally prepares for Christmas shopping before we hit the road.

Just as good as any wordplay in an old county song.

What no home should be without, a Viking war ship!