Working at Roosevelt

Getting Roosevelt setup.

Can you spot the groundhog to the right of the steps?


This quote speaks to me. To add to the context at this area you have zero cell coverage so are on a technology diet.

Tried to get them to setup a terminal, but they wouldn’t hear of it. Kept showing me their union card.

Hiked Sheepeater trail

Check out the fox.

Little rocky in this area.

It started out as a lovely day to hike.

As long as you watch out for this drop off.

The snow melt is really getting the water running.

Hey have you seen Phil?

With the spider webs covering the snow it is creepy looking.

I joined the 100 mile hike club

I have to hike 100 miles of Yellowstone paths this season.

I started out on the beaver ponds trail.

Kinda looks like a reindeer with the new velvety antlers coming in.

Nice view of Mammoth hot springs

Call Bobo I found evidence of Bigfoot

These little guys are cute and fun to watch run around.

Found a dinosaur egg.

Things are getting greener.

Check out this woodpecker.


Baby animals are starting to show up

Can’t really see well in the in picture, but it was two baby bison playing in the river.

Mamma and baby out for a stroll.

Wished I had gotten the babies face.

If you zoom in on this picture the black dots in the center are a mamma black bear and a cub.


This is a staircase that will lead to somewhere when the snow melts. If it ever melts.

A baby bison just outside the north entrance.

Hard to believe that that little one will grow up to be like this.

Back at the house the view is beautiful with the white snow, green grass and blue sky.

May the 4th be with you!

Beautiful Morning

Felt like I could touch the clouds.

The bacon strip (Janet’s name for it) in all it’s glory.

View walking between buildings. With the elk it felt like a living postcard.

Ah the joys of working in old government buildings.

I can’t tell you how many times I have hit my head walking around in this room. It was built for hobbits. It is lovely referred to as the snake pit.

Got a report of the first buffalo attack of the season. Lucky the person wasn’t killed, but they did end up in the hospital.


Well we went from mid 70’s to this:

On the work side today was the National Park Service’s version of Black Friday. All of the dates for 2019 opened in the system today. To say the phones were ring off the hook was an understatement. The craziest one I heard was that someone booked a room in Lake Hotel, which runs ~$350 and up a night, for 4 months straight. By end of day Old Faithful Inn was about 90% booked for all of 2019. Roosevelt Lodges were basically booked for all of 2019. It was a crazy day.