A Very Sad Day

Taking Janet to the airport and saying goodbye was so sad. When she waved to me from the other side of TSA and walked around the corner it felt like everything inside of me just melted into nothingness.

2,000 Miles Later

We are rolling in from Livingston on the way to Gardiner.  Man, this road has some bad traffic.

My new home.

Janet makes it all cozy inside.

My new driveway and view.

Oh, and my new neighbors.


T-1 days before being on the road

More goodbyes and the windshield washer not working for front. Really, really need it for the drive. Calling, looking and working on it. Trying to get just the front to work if only one. Fully break the bad one. Now I must get a new one. Many places not open. Autozone comes through with one and I was able to do the repair myself. Thank the Lord, yet again! Now for the full-on pack. I put so much stuff in the car you can’t open any of the back doors. I think adding a candy bar on the front center would have caused the passenger windows to pop out.

T-4 days before being on the road

Drove all over Atlanta trying to find a car for $5,000 or less that had AWD and seemed like it could make it to Montana. It also had to be ready to live outside, take a charge from an elk and get me to work and home with a monthly run to Bozeman. God helped us fine one that fit the bill!