The Door Strikes Back

The elk said hi at my bedroom window this Sunday morning.

Going out for church this morning it was cold and my driver door would not open. I crawled over from the passenger side. I am sure my neighbors think I am crazy.

This was the view at the end of my road about to turn on the road to town.

The door opened from the inside fine. Bible study and church was good. These are the views coming out of church.

Back at home I can open the car door fine from inside, but no go from outside. If the weather stays sunny I will take the work car on Monday. That door is killing me.

3 Replies to “The Door Strikes Back”

    1. Thanks, I will check into the lockmelt. I think it may be a bigger issue with the door because I could get the key in and unlock the door, it just wouldn’t open. Enjoyed the company car today so I didn’t have to worry about the door.

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