It was good to be in church. Starting a new summer series on Psalms. Talked about the difference of the tree by water and chaff in the wind. The church park services have also started. The bulletin has a listing of all the park locations and times. Need to start making plans to go to some of these services in the park and support the youth that are looking to go into the ministry.

I needed to do some work, but it was just to nice of a day to be in the trailer. I went to Mt. Washburn. The hike was 8.7 miles total with an elevation gain of 2133 ft and ending at 10,219. At times it was full on sloth hiking.

The trail alternated between dry and snowy.


I can’t believe I am wearing short and walking on multiple feet of snow?

The tiny spec on the mountain top on the right side is where I am going.

My own personal Khumbu Icefalls.

The face of not knowing how high and how far I would be going over ice and snow.


And is was a long way….

Now they tell me I am not supposed to be riding my bike. A day late and a dollar short now that I rode it over all that ice and snow uphill for 2000 feet 🙂

This looks like what you get when taking a picture through glass, but no glass was between me and the sun. I really like the effect that was created.

And this monstrosity is the heart of the communications through the park. I really want to get rid of this and move to better communication technology.

Proof I made it to the top.

Check this critter out, getting overtime pay for working on Sunday. Not sure if it is a scruffy ground hog or a porcupine with short quills. Don’t think I want to upset it either way.

Well the ranger living hear has some amazing views and the one house smaller than mine. Right now the trailer is feeling a little spacious.

The view was amazing.

Looks like they are getting ready to do some snow removal.

On the way home I stopped multiple times to watch some bears. Total bear count is now 18.

This one was trying to look like a rock so I wouldn’t spot him.

Back among the living

Went to church. It was good. Had stuff for Mother’s day. It was funny, the pastor said I now return you to your normally scheduled church service as he started his non-Mother’s day message.

I called Mom to wish her a Happy Mother’s Day.

Was able to eat some solid food.

Peanut is up to something….


The pastor was sick so during Sunday School a plan was made for the service.  They first asked if anyone had a message they would like to give. I thought that was cool. When no one volunteered scriptures and songs were selected and some topics were picked out to support the scriptures. People volunteered to do certain readings. It worked out well.

I do have to say the children’s church service was awesome. The leader talked about how great it would be if we could only take one pill for any sickness, allergy, aches or wellness. Then she explained that it already existed. It is called the Gospel (Gos-pill).

Crazy Weather

It was in the high 40’s yesterday and went down to 10 overnight. While at church it showed hard. Got a couple of inches on the ground while I was in church. That said we missed the big storm. Cook City about an hour plus to the east got two feet of snow over the weekend.

Went to a Super Bowl party with some people from work. Had a great time. Great food and a great game. Enjoyed watching the Patriots lose.

Easy Sunday

Went to Sunday School. It was good. We talking about how Jesus has authority and command in all situations. We also talked about it being safe staying neutral, but we need to be on the side of righteousness. That said we can’t be preachy. The main service was about dealing with tough times. The pastor talking about how the events could help us, give us the ability to help others or maybe keep us humble. He made a great point about sometime not praying for the right thing. He used the story of the man begging for money and Peter praying for him to walk and he was healed. He used that to say maybe we would be praying for money, when we should be praying for a healing. Two guys at church had this tattooed on their arm. It looked really cool.


Romans 1:16 ” “For I am not ashamed of the gospel, because it is the power of God that brings salvation to everyone who believes: first to the Jew, then to the Gentile.”


Got invited to lunch. It was nice talking with more people and the food was good. Had some pulled pork just like from Georgia.

Saw this parked at the restaurant. I want one.

Went to see if a broom ball game was happening, but didn’t look like it. Decided to drive east and go for a hike. It was just me and one lone buffalo. Very beautiful and quite. Had to make sure I stayed on the packed trail. I got off the trail once and my foot went into the snow almost to my knee.

The buffalo is in the center of the picture. You have to look for him.


The Door Strikes Back

The elk said hi at my bedroom window this Sunday morning.

Going out for church this morning it was cold and my driver door would not open. I crawled over from the passenger side. I am sure my neighbors think I am crazy.

This was the view at the end of my road about to turn on the road to town.

The door opened from the inside fine. Bible study and church was good. These are the views coming out of church.

Back at home I can open the car door fine from inside, but no go from outside. If the weather stays sunny I will take the work car on Monday. That door is killing me.

Sunday – Time to try out a local church

On the way I saw the guys. Don’t want to mess with them.

Attended Gardiner Community Church. Received a very warm welcome by all. Saw a number of people from work. Good open Sunday School discussion from John about Jesus knowing us (good and bad). Children’s church had a good example about if we put our hand in the cookie jar and grab all the cookies we can’t get our hand out. The same with sin. To get forgiveness we have to let go of our sin and not hold on to it. Pastor Jeff talked about “Just as I Am”. Asked us to think about who we were in the prodigal son story. Was a good message. Met others that work for Xanterra, National Park Service and National Forestry Service. Happens to be the yearly church business meeting and luncheon. Learned more about the church programs, and ate some really good food. They sent me home with a bag of pulled chicken.