May have found a different job than what I came for – SnowDilly

Now this may look like a perfect winter post card picture, but not as much fun when your car door will not close.

  • Plan one is to hold the door by the inside handle and drive…….didn’t work because the inside lights kept coming on plus a bump would cause the door to open some letting cold wind and snow in the car.
  • Plan two is to pull the door closed as much as possible with one hand and press the door lock with the other. This worked, but the door is not close and is rattling something bad.  I think the door could just swing open as I am going down the hill. I stop and pull as hard as I can with both hands the the door closes. Success!!!

Once I am home I am in for another surprise. I can’t open the door! I have to crawl over to the passenger side to get out.

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