Real snow today

What is all the white stuff outside and why is it cold? Why is the human going out in this?

Not much snow at the house.

More where I was hiking at rescue trail.

I never knew there was a lake over there. I also found a sign, but couldn’t read it because it was only on one side. When I made it to the side it said to not go past the sign. I was walking where I wasn’t supposed to be.

Scared a few big horn sheep.

Found a few tracks.

Few elk hanging around work.

Few more waiting on me when I got home.

This was also the day where the battery in the BMW could take no more and died. The jump box I had worked for one jump and I had to get another from a coworker. Got the car home and will have to get another battery. Another car part adventure awaits. I have never changed a battery myself and this one in in the back to add to the fun.

Heading out to the Bear Tooth Highway

Starting things off right with a Bison jam. One baby in the road.

Do you see the big nest near the center of the picture? It was an Osprey’s nest and one was in it.

Just a little Yellowstone Lama Drama…

This was a beautiful spot with the lake and mountains.

This was an amazing vista.

Can you spot the person on the bicycle in the center of the picture. They were some hard core people. They were going from about 6,000 feet to a little over 10,000 feet. Total distance is 63.5 miles. David I think this one may one up the Indy Hilly Hundred.

The views continue to be amazing.

The background is some amazing it looks fake.

A fair amount of snow left for it to be July 14th.

We found the Bear’s Tooth, can you?

Train car road side eatery. The food was really good.

Few turkeys crossing the street. Nice to see them obeying traffic laws and using the crosswalk.

A good view of how the highway twits around the mountain.

A lot of snow left here. I don’t think it is all going to melt before it starts snowing again.

It looked like a cable car line was here. Maybe this is a ski spot in the winter?

Maybe it is a ski spot now?

What I was thinking were ground hogs are really yellow bellied marmots. Can you see the one left of the hole?

Just a few bison on the return trip.

The babies are starting to grow up.

Hey, how’s it going?

This guy was hanging out near the house.

Beautiful Morning

Felt like I could touch the clouds.

The bacon strip (Janet’s name for it) in all it’s glory.

View walking between buildings. With the elk it felt like a living postcard.

Ah the joys of working in old government buildings.

I can’t tell you how many times I have hit my head walking around in this room. It was built for hobbits. It is lovely referred to as the snake pit.

Got a report of the first buffalo attack of the season. Lucky the person wasn’t killed, but they did end up in the hospital.


Well we went from mid 70’s to this:

On the work side today was the National Park Service’s version of Black Friday. All of the dates for 2019 opened in the system today. To say the phones were ring off the hook was an understatement. The craziest one I heard was that someone booked a room in Lake Hotel, which runs ~$350 and up a night, for 4 months straight. By end of day Old Faithful Inn was about 90% booked for all of 2019. Roosevelt Lodges were basically booked for all of 2019. It was a crazy day.

Going out to Canyon

Felt like I was on the set of Mad Men.

Cool image behind the registration desk.

Hey look the snow is still here.

Some snow fell off the roof and the force of it pushed a locked door in and pushed snow into the room. Scary to think of the force of just a mini-avalanche.

Saw this fox on the ride home. Very cool looking.

Extra work day in the park

The steps are somewhere under this layer of ice. Good thing we aren’t carrying heavy equipment….

Well this is where we need to get into for the Lake Lodge, so that isn’t going to happen today.


Headed home after four days. This is Lake Hotel.

Stopped to stretch my legs at this spot. A lot of ducks and a few swans.

Time to recheck the check engine light

My morning greeting.

First task is going to the dump. These cats generate more trash than I do!

Off to Livingston. Need to have my check engine light checked to get the codes. Also want to have the transmission fluid changed. A lot colder as I get near Livingston. Down to 13.

Also crazy to see the snow storm wall.

I stopped at the place that changed my oil to see if they could change the transmission fluid. Well that would be a “no”. They gave me the name of a transmission place. When there and they were closed. Found two other places on my phone. Both were closed. So no transmission fluid change. That was just a guess anyway based on all I was reading online.  Now for the check engine light. When to O’Reilly Auto Parts. The worked for a while to get the codes. Finally got the codes. Good news was that the codes I had before were gone. The work I did with the ignition coils and spark plugs worked. The bad was that I now have new codes. They looked them up and found I needed two new parts. Then comes the dreaded “we don’t have those in stock”. So I ordered them and said I would be back next Saturday to pick them up. Then it was off to Taco Bell. Ran into some people from work at The Bell. Went to the grocery store next. Needed to get some fruit for the after church meal tomorrow, also needed some more soup. Once I had my supplies it was back to Gardiner.

Morning coffee and snow removal



Morning coffee just wasn’t the same without Janet.




I really miss her, but instead of getting all emotional I am going to post some Montana man stuff. Clearing the roads of snow to get the park ready for opening.