Second try at Seven Mile Hole trail

Well last time I had to turn back due to a lot of snow. So I am going again.

This is a view of the approach trail. 

Official start of the trail, looks like some work is needed.

Well no snow here so that is a good sign.

Trail still had some snow but not too bad. In a few sections the snow was still about knee deep.

Saw this cool geyser.


It only had a few small holes so it made a hissing sound.

The terrain kept changing.

The views were great.

Made it to the bottom. Only fell twice…

This was my lunch spot. Sitting on a rock a little into the river.

Well time for going back.

These pictures don’t explain the constant up hill. I thought I was going to die.

Call Bobo because I found Bigfoot!

Views back at the top. The pictures just can’t show how beautiful it was to see in person.

Now that you have made it this far I will give you the painful details.

Total distance : 12.08 mi

Total walking time : 06:27:59

Official elevation change on the trail, not counting the approach trail:  2,043 feet

Total elevation changes on the hike: 3386 ft

Samsung Health thought I walked up 67 flights of stairs.

Heart rate hit 150 bpm

I think this one earned the hard rating. At times I felt that it was closer to mountain climbing than it was to hiking.



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