Second try at Seven Mile Hole trail

Well last time I had to turn back due to a lot of snow. So I am going again.

This is a view of the approach trail. 

Official start of the trail, looks like some work is needed.

Well no snow here so that is a good sign.

Trail still had some snow but not too bad. In a few sections the snow was still about knee deep.

Saw this cool geyser.


It only had a few small holes so it made a hissing sound.

The terrain kept changing.

The views were great.

Made it to the bottom. Only fell twice…

This was my lunch spot. Sitting on a rock a little into the river.

Well time for going back.

These pictures don’t explain the constant up hill. I thought I was going to die.

Call Bobo because I found Bigfoot!

Views back at the top. The pictures just can’t show how beautiful it was to see in person.

Now that you have made it this far I will give you the painful details.

Total distance : 12.08 mi

Total walking time : 06:27:59

Official elevation change on the trail, not counting the approach trail:  2,043 feet

Total elevation changes on the hike: 3386 ft

Samsung Health thought I walked up 67 flights of stairs.

Heart rate hit 150 bpm

I think this one earned the hard rating. At times I felt that it was closer to mountain climbing than it was to hiking.



Hiking in Canyon Falls

A long but fun hike with the best hiking partner in the world. When I could keep up we had a lot of good discussions about God, living arrangements and the beauty around us.

Wow, what a view!

I can see for miles and miles…

A fellow hiker took our picture so we have one that is not a selfie. BTW could I look more frumpy?

Sometimes it just looks like a fake backdrop. You are thinking how can I really be looking at this.

Normally Janet doesn’t like getting close to the edge, but this time she made an exception to take it all in.

Bonus! We found a Bigfoot track.

And who knew that Bigfoot was an amateur sculpture.

Saw a mud pot.

This reminds me to Neapolitan ice cream.

Out on another otter hunt

Beginning to think we will find Bigfoot or a Yeti before we find an otter.

The movement of the ducks in the water get our hopes up, but alas no otter.

Big horn sheep scoping things out.

What the sheep saw.

My failed attempt at an artist shot.

And you guessed it, no otter but we found a buffalo jam.