T-4 Days to Janet arrives!

This is American Top 40 I’m Casey Kasem. Now we are up to our long distance dedication and it is from Yellowstone. It’s from a computer guy working in a wilderness with a girl far away on his heart. The letter begins, “Dear Casey, during our many wonderful years of marriage we have been separated for short time periods as we moved. Those other times we knew about how long we would be apart. With this move things are more uncertain. It makes me think of the uncertainty of us getting together when we were dating due to rain. You may find this hard to believe but my wife (girlfriend at the time) had a car that would not start regularly when it rained so she had to be very selective about driving it when it was raining. Many times you think about the big things in life and if you had a do over how you would change things. When it comes to my wife I find myself thinking more about the little things and how I would have changed them. I think about the time we didn’t spend together because of the inconvenience of her anti-rain car when I could have fixed that by just driving more. I think about things like that especially since our time together is very precious to me as we are separated by so many miles. No matter what distance separates us she is always on my mind. On this T-4 day will you play  Here Without You signed Dillard”

Dillard here’s your long distance dedication.

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