T – 5 Days until Janet arrives!

This is American Top 40 I’m Casey Kasem. Now we are up to our long distance dedication and it is from Gardiner, Montana. It’s from a Georgia boy living in Montana that has a story to tell. The letter begins, “Dear Casey, over 17 years ago a tall and thin man with a little too much of an attitude had a conversation with a tall and lovely lady at a river side restaurant in Atlanta, Georgia. From that moment he was smitten and over time he would prove his love to her. One day as they were leaving work, as they worked in the same building, he asked her if she would like to do something after work. The beautiful lady said that she wasn’t in the best of moods and would not be good company. The man who was losing some of his attitude said that he wanted to be with her in the good and bad. They agreed to take a walk which he will always remember as every civilized man should always carry a handkerchief. He knew that she was the love of his life. Later that year at Christmas they were engaged right after a bow fluffing incident that they both look back on and laugh about. On April 6, 2002 they were married. After many life challenges that included multiple un-welcomed moves.¬† They are still together as they were both hand picked by God to be together. Casey for this T-5 day will you play The Right Left Hand¬†signed Dillard”

Dillard here’s your long distance dedication.

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