T-1 until Janet touches down in Montana

I had a bad day at work. I had someone send me a very disrespectful email. The Lord had to help me to not lash back at them. Good thing I had been to my men’s prayer breakfast and we had talked about having faith in bad times. I stood my ground, but in a respectful way.

I want to end the week  of song dedications with Come Monday. One reason is because this coming Monday I will be able to hold Janet. The other reason is just for Janet.

They saved some winter for me

Looks like we are finally getting some of the storms they have been talking about. Was in the mid 40’s but not today. As I rolled out to go to my men’s prayer breakfast it was 9 degrees.

The breakfast was good in two ways. The food was good. Had bacon, sausage, eggs, potatoes and flapjacks! The message was good too. Talked about Jesus taking what we have to multiple it. Used the story about the loaves and fishes, but with a different take. The disciples didn’t see any way to feed the people. Jesus knew it was going to happen, but waited. No gold stars for the disciples.¬† The gold star goes to the child that brought what loaves and fishes he had. He knew they would not be enough but he brought what he had to Jesus. This is true for us. We may not see how we can do something, fix something, help someone, etc. God is just waiting for us to bring what we have or can do so he can bridge the gap and make it happen.

On the way to work the snow was coming down.

Can’t beat the view out my desk window.

This was the view when I walked out of the office to go to lunch.

Went to dinner with people from work and watched some of the opening ceremony for the Winter Olympics.

When I got home I found that all the cat supplies had arrived from Amazon. I am now ready to start receiving cats.


Hug your local atheist

Started the morning off with snow and my men’s prayer breakfast. We talked about standing firm with our faith and being able to explain it to someone. We also talked about the need to do this with humbleness and not being the screaming people with signs that you see giving Christians a bad name. One guy told a great story. When this happened he had been a believer for only about a year. When he went into the shop a devoted atheist would say, “Here comes that a**h**** Christian.” Many of the other guys would then laugh. The man sharing said it really upset him and he was praying about it. He got to the point that in his prayers he told God if the guy did it again he was going to hit him in the face. He said he heard a clear voice in his head that said he should hug the man. He didn’t like that answer, but he determined he would try it. The next time he was in the shop the other man started to say the same thing. The guy telling the story said he interrupted him and said that God had told him to hug him the next time he made the statement. The guy said it anyway so the man telling the story said we went to give him a hug. The other guy ran and he chased him around the shop. That happened one more time and after that the atheist never bothered him again.

Now for the snow. Call for big storms between now and Monday night.