Glacier National Park

Going to the Sun road

The adventure team in action.

Hey look…. an actual glacier!

That’s us with the Glacier. Note when you read this you must slur the words like you had brackets to get the intended effect.

Our lunch spot.

On a hike.

We are such adventure hikers!

Got some hail on the way out. Stopped under a tree to minimize the bounce off our heads.

Check out the video of the hail.


Hiking Season is starting again

I had a big surprise. My Google personal search list had as one on my recommended readings. How cool is that!

Off to Canyon to do some hiking. Well still a lot of snow.

Checked out the warning about bears. I have two cans of bear spray and my bear bells on. Also decide to play some Audible and music from my phone to add some extra sound.

Well the path turned out to be all snow covered.

This tree is a visual representation of how I feel inside sometimes.

I found the great Toad King. He was too stoic to speak with me.

The views were great.

Didn’t see the bear but found evidence. Some tracks were clear in the snow. Also found evidence of does a bear s…. in the woods, but you don’t need to see that.

Did a lot of post hole walking so I gave up and turned around. Will have to complete this hike another time.

Uncle Tom’s Trail

Uncle Tom’s Trail had been closed for about a year. It was due to open in July of 2018, but it took until October. With only a small window before it would close again for winter I rushed out to complete the trail.

And this is the reason for all the signs! Amicalola Falls strikes back….

Uncle Tom’s trail states 328 steps and Amicalola Falls states 425. When Janet and I went to Amicalola Falls I wasn’t in any kind of fitness state. Before going I wolfed down a large Frappuccino from Starbuck and a Chick-fil-A meal. By the time I dragged myself back up the stairs I thought I was going to die. I was exhausted and sick. The rest of the evening was shot for me. I sit in the passenger seat with the window down trying to keep from getting sick while Janet drove.

This go round was cake. I didn’t run the stairs or anything like that, but I didn’t think I was going to die either.



Something else out here with me. Coyote maybe?

A view from the other side of the water fall.

A better view of the stairs.

Hiking in Canyon Falls

A long but fun hike with the best hiking partner in the world. When I could keep up we had a lot of good discussions about God, living arrangements and the beauty around us.

Wow, what a view!

I can see for miles and miles…

A fellow hiker took our picture so we have one that is not a selfie. BTW could I look more frumpy?

Sometimes it just looks like a fake backdrop. You are thinking how can I really be looking at this.

Normally Janet doesn’t like getting close to the edge, but this time she made an exception to take it all in.

Bonus! We found a Bigfoot track.

And who knew that Bigfoot was an amateur sculpture.

Saw a mud pot.

This reminds me to Neapolitan ice cream.

Easter – He is Risen! – My first bear track!

First thing this morning Leviticus is saying hello to the elk outside the window.

Ready for Easter Sunday service.

I go to the Gardiner Community Center to drop off my cut up fruit. The doors are locked? I then go to the church and find all the doors locked. I dug out my last church program and found that service is at the Mammoth Chapel again. I head that way. So much for being early. Now I am hoping I will not be late. I have to park a good length away. I make it just in time, but I have to sit in the back. It was a good service. Jeff talked about it being April Fools Day and how some people feel this way about the resurrection of Jesus. He used a lot of location and history to talk about the truth of the resurrection. After service we went to the lower Mammoth Community Center. The food was great and they sent me home with a bag of ham.

I go home and change into hiking clothes. Off for a hike on the old Gardiner road.

The pronghorn antelope are coming out more.

The hike is giving a different view of my work area. It looks cool from up top.

This is Daryl and my other brother Daryl.

This looks like someone’s home. I found another like it near by.

The view is really nice. No one else around and very silent.

Until I saw my first bear track!

I thought this was big. Later I spoke with a Ranger and he said this was a smaller Black Bear.

Check out the claws!

I have my bear spray and I have my bear bell. Before seeing the track these gave me confidence. After the track not so much. The bell really started seeming like a bad thing. Since I was alone I started thinking that the bell wasn’t something that would help the bear move along. I really started thinking that the bell was really a dinner bell. I think this is telling the bear that dinner is here. Many times I look over my shoulder on the way back.

Going downhill in the deep snow was harder. I fell a number of times as one leg went into the snow to my knee unexpectedly.  One time I went into the snow halfway between my knee and hip. This was a little hard to get out of.

On the way down I saw some bluebirds. They were very vivid and beautiful.

Back at the house the elk were there to welcome me home.