Bridger Bowl 2/6/2021

Two videos of the day. Still learning to snowboard and added powder today as well.

No Dillards were harmed during the filming. Well nothing that three days of Advil can’t cover.

This was a good run. Maybe I will be a Snowboarder after all.

Bridger Bowl Blowout 2019

Went Saturday and Sunday both!

Can you see the ichthys fish?

Check out Janet’s smooth finish.

Edited snowboard run.

Unedited snowboard run.

Well it was a long road to the mad skills you just viewed. Did you count how many times I was facing up the mountain instead of downhill? As my instructor called it that is “snowboarding the wrong direction”.

To give you a taste of the learning curve I present to you the agony of defeat.

One more time in slow motion.

In case you missed my fun facial expressions:

This next one is my favorite. You can see my face contorted. I was airborne at this time and bracing for the impact. It was a solid one as it turned off the recording when I hit.

I rubbed some snow on it and kept going.

Bridger Bowl – Skiing the Cold Smoke

Janet an I have been going to Bridger Bowl. Janet has been skiing and I have been continuing my snowboard lessons.

My little snow bunny.

First time on the big boy lift (green run) with a snowboard attached.

Crashed and burned getting off the lift. It took me about 5 times of falling before I could do it right. The lift operators came out and clapped for me the first time I didn’t fall getting off the lift.