Out for a snowshoe adventure

Went to the Upper Terrance Loop and Wraith Falls.

If Dillard tells the story: He had to jump over a river and then grab Janet and pull her to safety just narrowly missing a plunge into the ice waters for Janet.

If Janet tells the story: Dillard got us off the correct path so we had to cross a stream. Got a little off balance hopping/stepping over the stream so Dillard grab my arm to steady me.

You decide….

We are so winter people!

Out to Lake to do some work

My first snowmobile ride into the park. Had to go from Mammoth to Lake which is 50 miles.

This is a view of the Lake. Can you see it?

Me with the Lake in the background.

View of the hotel. Have you read The Shining?

A view from the driver seat.

One of the winter keepers that stay at Lake over the winter.

Got to ride back in the truck.

Got to take in the scenery a little more on the ride back.

What could go wrong here? Note that he in kneeing to get to the credit card device at the gas pump.


And the snow keeps coming

Can’t even see the mountains in the background.

Had to cut a path for us to walk to the lunchroom.

This is the view out of my office to the left. Snow drift up the branches on the tree.

This is the view to the right.

If this thing gets up and starts walking… I am out of here!





Bridger Bowl – Skiing the Cold Smoke

Janet an I have been going to Bridger Bowl. Janet has been skiing and I have been continuing my snowboard lessons.

My little snow bunny.

First time on the big boy lift (green run) with a snowboard attached.

Crashed and burned getting off the lift. It took me about 5 times of falling before I could do it right. The lift operators came out and clapped for me the first time I didn’t fall getting off the lift.

Out to Canyon

Hoping to see an otter.

I made a snow angel.

This is where the otters we supposed to be, but we were denied. No otters in site.

We did get to see some swan fannies.