First Saturday

I had to learn to cook since no Chick-fil-A trip with Janet this Saturday. So I made mini-waffles with the super cool waffle maker Janet gave me for Christmas.

Since I don’t get trash pickup at home I have to drop it off. I was told last night that you need to make sure you only do trash drop off during the day due to bears.  So I am off to the trash dump.

Followed that up will a little walk in the park.

Went down to the river.

Have to watch your step.

Think I need to learn more about tracks (wolf, coyote, or bear).

Go to start back to the car. Think I am a little lost. Was it that hill I came over? Think I see my elk friends looking at me in disgust again due to my lack of skills.

No I think it was that hill?

Wow, what a view as I walk around lost.

Ah, car lights. I am saved. I see my car from the lights of the cars going by. I was just a little off.

Got home and the night sky is so clear I can see the Milky Way. The stars are so bright. The stars at night are big and bright, deep in the heart of Texas. Wait I am in Montana. I wish Janet could see them. A picture just doesn’t show the grandeur.  I miss Janet.