More snow and wolverine discussion | T-2 Days until Janet arrives!

Getting more snow today. Tonight I went to a discussion on wolverines. I learned a lot about them. Very interesting and tough animals.

This is what it looked like as I left the house this morning. The low clouds were very cool looking.

This is what it looked like at work.

This is American Top 40 I’m Casey Kasem. Now we are up to our long distance dedication and it is from a man with no sunshine in his life. While the cold and snow can have a beauty all to it’s self. This letter is from a snowman who is ready to see the sun. The letter begins, “Dear Casey,  I always wished for snow any time it might happen where I was. Now I am surrounded by snow each day. It is beautiful, but to quote someone else “only miss the sun when it starts to snow”. I have moments of excitement and joy and I immediately think of sharing them with Janet. This creates an incompleteness inside of me. It causes me to not be able to hold them. They float away like the snow floats downs. I need Janet to complete me and allow my soul to hold onto the beauty around me. As the time is getting closer to her arriving it seems to be getting harder to wait. On this T-2 day will you play A Picture of Me (Without You) signed Dillard”

Dillard here’s your long distance dedication.