Cascade Lake Trail to Observation Peak

This one was 10 miles and went from nothing to maybe I could die up here.

NPS is uping their game on the bear warnings.

It started out a a nice sunny day walk.

Passing by a nice lake.

Then for the turn uphill.

Notice the lake position.

And the storm clouds. The ones that dropped pieces of ice and rain on me. Also had some thunder and lightning which was nice as I was the tallest things at times on the mountain.

Hey, where did the trail go? I lost the trail multiple times and had to go through high brush and downed trees to find it again. Oh, and that also included a few falls.

And for all my effort I was rewarded with knee deep snow to get to the top.

It’s the middle of June, right?

Found the top and …..wait for it….. it was locked!!!! No getting out of the storm.

Hey there is that lake again.

Me with the lake. This is where I had a very late lunch.

After the rain the flowers really opened up.

On the way home I saw some fuzzy antler guys.


Hey wait for me…

Then a baby to end the day.

Snow, Snow, Snow – In June?

Well this broke the date from last year. In 2018 the last day I saw it snow was June 1st. Well it snowed today (June 8th). Will be 25 tonight and maybe more snow. Many roads were closed in the park due to multiple inches in the higher elevations.

This is from the house in Gardiner.

We had the little round snow balls that make you think you are living inside a snow globe.

This is from the Old Faithful webcam.