Snow Lodge Day Three

We went out for a walk before heading back to Mammoth.

Nature will always find a way. Check out the green with the snow.

Do you see Santa in his hat?

My new place is the one on the right with the antenna.

Time to head out.


Quoth the Raven “Nevermore.”

Off to Winter Wonderland – Snow Lodge

Well it didn’t start off wonderful. The Bimmer wouldn’t start so had to get everything in the scooter car. With the snow, ice and cold the scooter was almost to its limit. All this slowed us down so we were cutting it close to make the snow coach. Not quite half way there the gas light came on. Since the scooter is new to me I wasn’t sure how long it would go with the light on, but we didn’t have time to stop and get gas. I was sweating bullets when I dropped Janet off to confirm our ride. On top of all of this work was pinging me about a trip in May that had to be sorted out just then. I was a wreck by the time I took my seat on the coach.

It really was like a completely different world. I will share the pictures as any words I would add would not do them justice.




Heading out in the park

Today I am going to Grant Village. Leaving at 8:00 am and it will take until about 11:00 to get there so it will be an all day thing. I am dressed warmly and I have a lunched packed.

This is what we are rolling out in.

We traveled for about an hour and 46 minutes and one of the tracks blows out. Radio in for mechanic and find that they don’t have the parts at Old Faithful which is where we are close to, so they will have to come from Gardiner. That means they are two hours a way coming in on the snow cat.

The trip to Grant Village is now a no go. Start checking for a ride for me back. A snow coach will pick me up in about 30 minutes. This is what I hitched a ride back on.

Made it back at about 11:30.

The views were gorgeous and the curves were treacherous. Snow pack covered the guard rails.




Back in the office I had a bison parade.