Vice President of the United States

The Vice President of the United States Mike Pence is speaking at Old Faithful today.

Had to leave early on the way down the view reminds me that I am in a volcano.

Notice the two people on the roof of the Inn. I helped setup their communications.

Got to have good lighting and a helicopter flying around to make sure all is well before he comes in.

I was cleared by Secret Service to be in the group of people who would listening to his speech.

The Second Lady, Vice President, Sectary of the Interior and the Superintendent of Yellowstone.

Old Faithful went off during his speech. Timing is everything.

Can you find me in the pictures?

It was nice that in his speech he recognized people that he just met and ones with long histories with the park. It was also nice that he made a couple of religious references.

On the way home I saw this crazy looking fox.