BBQ and Arch Festival

Found a BBQ place inĀ Emigrant. The owner was from Georgia. They had really good food. Loved this sign.

Had some fun at a local festival at Arch Park, when I wasn’t on a work call about phones and data being down at an RV park.

Had a quick rain shower when we were in the local market and got to see this cool rainbow when we walked out.

Going out to Canyon

It started out like a spring day.

The black dot behind the center tree is a black bear.

Hey wait, where did the spring day go.

I was sitting in a meeting trying to pay attention while it was snowing like crazy outside the window. I just kept thinking it is June 1st and I am seeing it snow.

The black dot left of the no parking sign is a black bear.

All totaled I saw three black bears and one grizzly bear. Was working so I didn’t have time to stop and chat with the bears.

Wrapped up the work day with a beautiful rainbow.