Government Shutdown

While I will keep working since I am with a private company. The company I am with made some agreements with the National Park Service to keep the park open during the shutdown. I do really see first hand how people and the community are impacted from a government shutdown. Before I saw it as an inconvenience. It is way more real to me now. Snow coaches will have to carry garage bags and toilet paper because the public restrooms will not be serviced. Roads that are not deemed as critical will not be plowed by the government. At my office 911 will work, but someone will only come out if it is truly a life and death matter. People don’t know if they will be paid for the days the government is shutdown, which can have a big impact in such a small community of only about 900 people. If they do get paid, it could be months from now. With this exposure a government shutdown went from something that didn’t really matter to me to something I feel a lot of passion about.

Government DO YOUR JOB and get a budget!