Working in the park

These little guys created a multiple hour backup.

On the way home I saw the mother grizzly with her two cubs again. People were way to close. Luckily they stayed in their cars. A Harley came by and shared the cubs. That got mom’s attention. Thought for a minute I was going to see something that I would wish I hadn’t. Everyone gave her room and it worked out in the end.

Sunday with ACMNP

Snow was deeper in the Canyon area.

This was the path to the amphitheater where the service was going to be.

The service was about everyone being welcomed in God’s Kingdom.┬áCaleb gave three examples that made this message new to me. I have heard that all are welcome my entire life. Caleb’s first example was Simon the magician. Simon was clearing doing things that the message from God says not to do yet Simon was welcomed into the Kingdom. The second example was an Ethiopian eunuch. These people were not accepted by others and many times they were shunned. Yet in this example he was welcomed. Lastly he talked about Paul’s conversion. Paul was attacking the Church and killing Christians and even he was welcomed. If you are doing things against God’s will, are an outcast or even attacking Christians God still welcomes you. We have to learn this lesson and see people like God sees them and welcome them with God’s Love.

After the service I had to go do some work. Saw a large black bear on the way to Grant.

On the way home saw two grizzlies. They were chasing each other some.

And an elk welcomed me home.


Going out to Canyon

It started out like a spring day.

The black dot behind the center tree is a black bear.

Hey wait, where did the spring day go.

I was sitting in a meeting trying to pay attention while it was snowing like crazy outside the window. I just kept thinking it is June 1st and I am seeing it snow.

The black dot left of the no parking sign is a black bear.

All totaled I saw three black bears and one grizzly bear. Was working so I didn’t have time to stop and chat with the bears.

Wrapped up the work day with a beautiful rainbow.

Park work day three – grizzly bear

On the way over to Lake in an area still closed to the public we rounded a corner and a grizzly bear was in the road. it ran up the hill and into the woods before I could get a picture. He is behind the trees in this picture, but you can see his tracks going into the woods.

The snow drift looks like ocean waves.


Working in hotels with no power can be a little off putting at times.

I feel the urge to run across the frozen lake to the island in the middle.