Time to fix the door

First I have to take the door apart. Didn’t realize that I also had to remove the airbag from the door. Was very careful doing that.

Have to get the old locking mechanism one out and the new one in. The black tip with the ball joint is just supposed to pop on. Well after about an hour of messing with it I figure out that the replacement one and the original are not the same size. I had to take the old and new one apart and swap some of the parts to make it work.

All of this had to happen through this opening into the door as I didn’t want to take the vapor barrier off and have to get yet another part.

All back on and the door lock works!

But not a complete success. I ended up striping the left side of the handle connector. I have to open the door with more pressure where the key goes or the left side will pop out. Not happy about this, but I can now open the driver side door and the locks work again.