Well today is the day!

Been cleaning the house and getting ready for Janet’s arrival. I can’t wait! On the way to drop off the trash today I saw something different. The wind was blowing so hard that it was creating what looked like dust storms, but with the snow. It was really wild looking.

Well off to the big city to do some shopping before I pickup the love of my life!

Knock, Knock…Housekeeping….

Wait for it…I had waffles for breakfast again. Had to do laundry which got me in a cleaning mood. Sorted things around the house better. Moved things to better fit to how I am living in my “tiny house”. Got my shirts together for dry cleaning. I even vacuumed by spacious abode. Worked on the car. Got the cover back on the backside of the passenger seat. Worked on the driver door handle. It will now open with the right amount of force and finesse.  Broke down boxes and took them to recycling. Called my mom, dad, brother and Janet. One thing is vexing me. I know I bought a bottle of bleach from the Dollar Store in Bozeman when I first arrived, but I can’t find it anywhere.  How can something hide in 500 square feet?

Went for a drive out toward Cook City which is east. Didn’t get too far and had to turn around. Oh give me a home where the buffalo roam….

Too many in the road, decided to turn back. Stopped at an overlook an saw a waterfall that was partially frozen. Really neat looking.