Leaving on a jet plane

Well today Janet is leaving. We had a nice morning together and loaded the car up for the journey to Bozeman. I had my shopping list and the strong need to get a hair cut. It was a nice ride listening to some of our traveling music and talking about Janet’s visit. Our current life situation was discussed and what we could make decisions on and what was in God’s hand on timing. After leaving Livingston and going into the Bozeman pass the car started acting funny. It was knocking and it wasn’t getting pickup. Going up the hills Janet had her foot all the way to the floor and it was barely holding 60 MPH going up hills. We rolled into the airport parking lot with it rattling like it was about to either come apart or just die at any minute.

Trying not to think about the car we went into the airport to get Janet checked in. Once she had her ticket we played the game of what needs to come out of the suitcase to not have to pay an extra weight fee. Really nice being in a small airport where you can just walk back and forth and weigh a bag at an empty check in lane without anyone being concerned.

Once the bags were checked we sat down to talk a little more. It was so good having her. While I didn’t want her to go I didn’t have that deep dread like before. I think it was because I knew she had a good time and would be back. We hugged goodbye and Janet headed to the TSA interrogation over the rocks she was carrying. They must of known that she has some MacGyver in her and if pushed she could build a sling with her scarf and take down many a security personal. While I thought I was ready to watch her leave, seeing her walk around the corner and disappear caused my heart to sink and a mild panic attack set in.

I headed out to deal with the car. It started fine, but was a rambling wreck going down the road. It seems as though it was going to cut off at evry stop light. I went straight to the Walmart car care center, where I learned that they didn’t do diagnostic work. They suggested that I go to AutoZone since they could check the codes on the lights for free. Well off to AutoZone I went. The lady at AutoZone was very friendly. She was able to determine that some of the spark plugs and ignition coils were not working and thus all should be replaced. Since I had never even heard of an ignition coil until then I didn’t think this was something I should try my self. Doing a quick phone search I was off to the Jiffy Lube, which I found to be closed while their website said they were open. Another phone check and off to the Firestone auto repair. They were open. Sir that will be a $100 diagnostic fee since the AutoZone one doesn’t count. I agreed so he went to talk to the shop lead. Well it turns out that the foreign car guy only works M-F so they couldn’t do anything with it.  The car almost didn’t start so I am really edgy at this point.

Trying to get something done I went to Great Clips and put my name on the hour plus wait list. I then went back to AutoZone to buy the parts. I was thinking I would ask the work shop if they could help if I had the parts. They had the spark plugs, but not the ignition coils. I tried another auto parts store and they didn’t have them either. I stopped at Burger King and had a Rodeo Chicken sandwich while thinking about what I was going to do.  I decided that I was going to get my hair cut and do my Walmart shopping and try my best to limp back home.

After getting my hair cut and a Walmart shopping extravaganza I headed back home.  By the way I did ask Walmart car care if I had the parts could they do the work and the answer was no. I had to be careful because I had no pickup and if I slowed down too much it seemed like it would shut off. Thank the Lord I made it home. It also made me really thankful for scooter car because I knew I needed it to get to work.

Don’t I look happy….