What will the car door do today?

Car door opens just fine. I got in and it closed just fine. Success, no door issues! When I got to work I have the same issue as the night before. I can’t open the door. This time I even roll down the window and try to open the door from the outside. No go, off to the passenger side to get out. Hope no one I work with sees me doing this …..

All is well once I am inside my office.

Sprint sent me a love note telling me that I am about to run out of roaming data minutes. I call them and explain I am in Montana and will be here for some time. After thirty minutes the answer is once I hit my roaming limit on an “unlimited data” plan they will just turn my data off until the first of the next month.

Go out to the car. Holding breath….door works fine. I need to get the snow off the windows. Front and back wipers do just fine. Rolling all the windows down some I find that the driver window is not working. Then as I start the car the “engine needs service soon” light comes on. Come on get me home…..Thank the Lord I get home just fine.