Working in the park

These little guys created a multiple hour backup.

On the way home I saw the mother grizzly with her two cubs again. People were way to close. Luckily they stayed in their cars. A Harley came by and shared the cubs. That got mom’s attention. Thought for a minute I was going to see something that I would wish I hadn’t. Everyone gave her room and it worked out in the end.

Baby animals are starting to show up

Can’t really see well in the in picture, but it was two baby bison playing in the river.

Mamma and baby out for a stroll.

Wished I had gotten the babies face.

If you zoom in on this picture the black dots in the center are a mamma black bear and a cub.


This is a staircase that will lead to somewhere when the snow melts. If it ever melts.

A baby bison just outside the north entrance.

Hard to believe that that little one will grow up to be like this.

Back at the house the view is beautiful with the white snow, green grass and blue sky.

May the 4th be with you!