Closing down Lake Lodge

Off to spend the night at Lake Lodge for the last night of the season.

On the way we got to see some mountain goats. The baby is so cute and fluffy!

Happened to be going by Old Faithful when it went off.

Setting on the porch at Lake Lodge after we closed the place down in more ways that one.


Took a stroll by the lake, which is the largest highest lake in the US.

Check out the roots on that tree. Nature always finds a way.

A view of the lake from the east entrance side. The land you see in the distance is the furthest from a paved road anywhere in the Continental US.


This guy was there to welcome us back from our trip.

New coworker

Met a new coworker today. Turns out he is a snake. Just glad he wasn’t rattling. Basically only two types of snakes here, the bull snake and the rattlesnake.

Public Service Announcement

While everyone reading this blog gets to share some highs and lows with me, I would like to take a moment and recognize the real hero in this story. A wonderful woman and my wife…Janet. She has been keeping everything going in Atlanta. She has been very supportive of me, and she handles the 3+1 cats with one that is certified crazy. Thank you Janet for being you! You make me a better person and you are the best thing that ever happened to me.

How to add a comment

I have received a few messages about the possibility of people adding comments. I have comments turned on. I just have to approve them first to make sure a bunch of spam doesn’t show up. If you would like to leave a comment you can click on the date or title of the post. That will take you to a screen that just has the one post. At the bottom you will see a comment box.

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