Excuse me sir

Had to negotiate getting in the car to leave today.

One of these things are not like the others.

Off to Chicago in the AM for 4 days. Going to a restaurant convention to look at food ordering kiosks.

Back among the living

Went to church. It was good. Had stuff for Mother’s day. It was funny, the pastor said I now return you to your normally scheduled church service as he started his non-Mother’s day message.

I called Mom to wish her a Happy Mother’s Day.

Was able to eat some solid food.

Peanut is up to something….

Working at Roosevelt

Getting Roosevelt setup.

Can you spot the groundhog to the right of the steps?


This quote speaks to me. To add to the context at this area you have zero cell coverage so are on a technology diet.

Tried to get them to setup a terminal, but they wouldn’t hear of it. Kept showing me their union card.

Hiked Sheepeater trail

Check out the fox.

Little rocky in this area.

It started out as a lovely day to hike.

As long as you watch out for this drop off.

The snow melt is really getting the water running.

Hey have you seen Phil?

With the spider webs covering the snow it is creepy looking.

I joined the 100 mile hike club

I have to hike 100 miles of Yellowstone paths this season.

I started out on the beaver ponds trail.

Kinda looks like a reindeer with the new velvety antlers coming in.

Nice view of Mammoth hot springs

Call Bobo I found evidence of Bigfoot

These little guys are cute and fun to watch run around.

Found a dinosaur egg.

Things are getting greener.

Check out this woodpecker.