4th of July in Mammoth, Wyoming

The parade will a little different and smaller.

While the city didn’t do fireworks the people did. Not just your Roman Candles that you buy on the side of the road. One person down the road from us bought over $5000 dollars worth of fireworks. The show was as good as any I have seen. Just odd looking at them on the horizon and not above me.

Cowboy Up

Going to head out for a Cowboy Cookout!

Before starting out we found Chip and Dale.

And his other brother Dale.

These were our wagon leaders. They did a good job keeping us on the path and entertained.

How far do you think I could get if I took off in a wagon?

Janet looking very cool as always.

Cowboy coffee anyone? I had two cups.

Getting time to load back up. All stuffed and ready to ride. The food was really good.

Happy Trails to You!

Heading back out.